Mark Gonzales-Langston

Your Wheat Ridge Expert!

On the Front Range, there’s one rule: Live where you love. 8z Real Estate may offer premium buyer and seller services, but that’s just a taste at what you should be looking at. We all know that buying or selling a house is a huge decision, but what really matters is that you’re happy with where you’re living. For buyers, we believe you should focus on the community that fits your lifestyle. If you want to be minutes away from hiking trails, we’ll help you find the right property that puts you where you want to be. For sellers, we understand that you want to get your money’s worth for your house – and we’ll help you get to that point. We’ll be openly transparent about what you can expect, and if it doesn’t match your goals, we’ll seek creative solutions to help you get to that next level.

So, the next big question is: Are you happy with where you are living now? If not, it’s time to give 8z Real Estate a call and see how we can help you!

Jeanne L.

8z Real Estate is the total package - everything and every service you need is under one roof. Everyone I dealt with knew their stuff, were friendly, and very helpful to me.

Becky G.

There are three main reasons why my 8z Realtors are such effective agents. They are careful listeners, know people who can get things done, and are on the cutting edge of real estate technology.

Penny T.

My 8z Realtor did everything they said they would and more - a person of the highest integrity. More than qualified, they were delightful to work with and always had a shining smile and attitude.